A LONDONER has become the first black woman in the world to be awarded a master’s degree in psychology of fashion.

Shakila Forbes-Bell, from Wembley, shared her history-making news on Instagram last week at her graduation.

“Today I became the first Black woman in the world to be awarded a Masters in Psychology for Fashion,” she wrote.

“I have always and will always fight for the inclusion and positive representation of Black and minority ethnic women worldwide. It is pivotal that the marks we leave on this world are visible for all to see so that future generations of little black girls know that their achievements are boundless.”

The 23-year-old student continued: “From incidents as severe as Black men and women being executed at home and abroad to something as pathetic as being told that your skin is too dark for a makeup brand (that actually happened to me last week, shout out @clinique) we face many challenges as a community. With this small step and the many steps, I hope to take in the future I hope to further the narrative of black girls being powerful, beautiful, intelligent, and of course – magic! #blackgirlmagic #blacklivesmatter #melanin #love #strength #support #blackwomen #style #fashion.”

“I’m really proud of myself,” Forbes-Bell, told The Voice. “I think education is so important and I think it’s really important for black people to continue with their studies.”

She added: “Who knows, I might even go on to do a doctorate. The sky’s the limit right now.”

The fashion psychologist, who completed an internship with designer Lulu Guinness earlier this year, studied psychology at University College London before starting her MA at London College of Fashion, according to Pulse.

“I believe that fashion is an incredibly powerful force, not only in the way it can change our behavior as mentioned before but also in the way it fosters positive societal changes,” Forbes-Bell told LCF News.

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